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More Than Meets the Eye – Savannah Brooks


by Melissa Fox

Savannah grew up living all over the U.S. and later settled near family in East Texas. She always had an interest in the sport of hunting but when she met, and fell in love with, Austin Rohr owner of Superior Outfitters, she subsequently fell in love with hunting as well.

What started with her first hunt at the Ox Ranch in Uvalde, Texas has now taken her to several different continents across the world and provided some amazing experiences along the way. She regularly travels to South Texas to hunt at least quarterly, then annually to hunt whitetail deer in Michigan and her favorite trip of all, Africa, which she typically travels to once a year as well. 

But don’t let her long blonde hair and piercing blue eyes fool you, Savannah is no novice when it comes to handling a gun. As pictured on the cover of this issue of LIFE & LAND, she is holding her custom built rifle with Vortex scope. She, of course, shops at Superior Outfitters for all of her Sitka gear and ammo, so no matter where her travels take her, she’s always well prepared. 

As any true hunter would admit, it’s the adrenaline rush that keeps drawing her back, but she’s wise enough to also appreciate the conservation aspect behind the sport. Savannah wishes that non-hunters, and critics of the industry, would understand that hunting is not just about a trophy on the wall. Without proper conservation and population control, wildlife would starve, go extinct, and pose threats in our communities. 

It is this misunderstanding of the hunting industry, as well as the political landscape concerning hunting and restrictive gun laws, that concern Savannah when she thinks about the future. She has learned so many valuable life lessons through hunting and hopes to be able to continue to share those with her children and future generations of aspiring hunters as well. 

Like many women, Savannah admits she likes shopping and vacationing, but maybe unlike most women, she is just as happy when she has a gun in her hand and a predator in her sights. The only thing she doesn’t like is when the hunts keep her away from home longer than normal and she starts missing the kids. While she’s grateful for the opportunities she has to hunt and travel, simply riding around the ranch back home surrounded by those she loves is what means the most. 

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